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Healthy gut flora is the root to our health

In honour of IBS awareness month April 2018 the focus is on improving digestive health and healthy gut flora. If we have issues with digestion it can generally affect all parts of our body, but...
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fight hayfever naturally - summer allergies - pollen - allergy

How to fight hayfever naturally

With spring, just around the corner suffers of hayfever will no doubt be thinking about different ways to reduce their symptoms as sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose can be very irritating to sufferers.
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Fighting fatigue - energy - summer

Fighting fatigue through diet

Would you like sustained energy and to reduce fatigue? Then did you know that by consuming a good source of protein or healthy fats at each meal, along with vegetables means your blood sugar levels...
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Diabetes - healthy - developing

Developing Type 2 Diabetes – what’s the risk?

According to Diabetes UK ‘diabetes is one of the fastest growing health threats of our times and an urgent public health issue’. It is estimated that by 2025 five million people will be living with...
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Art of weaning baby, BLW, weaning baby, baby led weaning

The art of weaning your baby

There are different ways to wean, at present the general consensus is to spoon feed babies with purees, however, it would appear that more and more mothers are choosing to wait for cues from baby...
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Post Sepsis Syndrome and natural tips to help fight it

Post Sepsis Syndrome is a severe systemic infection that spreads via the bloodstream and can be life-threatening.
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