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The art of weaning your baby

There are different ways to wean, at present the general consensus is to spoon feed babies with purees, however, it would appear that more and more mothers are choosing to wait for cues from baby...
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Post Sepsis Syndrome and natural tips to help fight it

Sepsis is a severe systemic infection that spreads via the bloodstream and can be life-threatening.
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Wellness retreat – Are you coming?

So it's that time again and we are taking bookings for our next wellness retreat in Tarifa, Spain. The dates are 6th to 13th October 2018.
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Congratulations a new royal baby

The news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child, has generated headlines around the world
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Lunch, nutrition and healthy ageing in a baby yurt

Lunch and nutrition in a baby yurt Wow what a week, with Wednesday’s summer solstice the 21st June basking in it hottest day in 41 years, with a high of 34.5C recorded at Heathrow.
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Retreat yourself in luxury at this beautiful location

It’s not often that you get some time for yourself and have someone to cook you lunch in a beautiful location but that’s part of what’s on offer at on our half day luxury retreat...
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