Qualified Nutritional Consultant

Exclusive Baby weaning Classes

Exclusive small group, baby weaning classes, taught by qualified nutritionist Jeraldine Curran, will introduce you to a unique method to make the transition from milk to solid foods healthy and simple. You will not only learn how to wean your baby but also the best way to feed your families for lifelong health.

Moving from milk feeds to solid foods is an exciting journey for you and your baby and helps lay the foundations of your child’s future health. In the past, there would always have been a grandparent or neighbour available to provide advice on weaning your baby, but in today’s modern society that’s not always the case. 

This small group, weaning class is designed for mums at any stage of the journey. So, whether you’re a mum-to-be or a new mum and would like to get ahead of the game, or you’re caring for a baby reaching this key development stage and would like to understand more about making the tricky transition from milk to solid foods, this programme will be invaluable for your baby’s health.

It is suitable for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies and led by Jeraldine, an experienced, qualified nutritionist, who can help you progress through weaning smoothly.

You will explore


  • How to recognise the signs that tell you when your baby is getting ready for solid food.
  • Baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding – the pros and cons.
  • Which foods are best to offer your baby and why, taking into account your family’s diet and cultural influences.
  • What foods to avoid.
  • How much to feed and when to reduce milk feeds.
  • Concerns and safety issues such as: ensuring your baby has a healthy and balanced diet; how to recognise allergies; what to do if your baby starts choking; where to go for more information.
signs your baby ready for solids - Baby weaning - Baby led weaning - Nutritionist

The session will cover

  • An introduction to weaning – different ways to wean 
  • When to begin – taking cues from baby
  • Great first foods 
  • Adapting your weaning for baby 
  • Digestive health and allergies 

Babies are welcome

We will provide water, tea, coffee and herbal teas

You will each receive

  • An e-book that you can print at home 
  • 10% discount off BIBaDO bib

All for the price of £17.99 per session 

Places are going fast so book your place today. Happy to arrange private group sessions. Please contact me for more information.

Classes all take place in Penn, Buckinghamshire.  


Your choice of dates and times of classes

Autumn  classes

Tuesday 4th September 2pm till 3.30pm
Tuesday 18th September 10am till 11.30am
Thursday 11th October 2pm till 3.3.0pm

If dates and times don’t suit please get in touch, also happy to book private sessions for groups of mums.

Contact me to book your place