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Family support for picky eaters, finicky eaters, fuzzy eaters

Family support for picky eaters

Do you have a finicky eater? Are family meal times a struggle? Does the thought of going out for a meal with your children fill you with dread?

Read my top tips

1. Keep meal times very positive, don’t focus on the food, talk about your day and other subjects so that you can relax as a family and enjoy your meal.

2. If your child is still refusing to eat then be very clear about what you would like them to eat. Example one piece of chicken and a piece of broccoli. Setting boundaries is the first step to making changes, children need to understand what you expect from them.

3. Heap lots of praise on your child when they comply, you can never give too much praise.


Helping parents

Are your child’s eating habits disrupting family meal times? Are your mealtimes stressful? Do you have a child that just will not eat or only eats certain foods?

About 60-70% of parents who come to see me with their children say ‘my child will not eat it!” and have generally tried everything and nothing works. Once I show them how to implement my principles they soon forget how fussy with food their child use to be. Sitting down to a meal with the family becomes a normal and pleasurable experience, just like it supposed to be!

If you are having problems and finding feeding your children good food a challenge, contact me for an informal chat where we can discuss different ways to help you.

Finicky eaters, fussy eaters, picky eaters

On, no! It's feeding time!

Family support for picky eaters, finicky eaters, picky eaters

Choose from group classes where we will cover difference strategies to help you cope and change the outcome. You will also meet other mums that have similar issues to you.

Class dates and times 
Thursday 13th September 2pm till 3.30pm
Thursday 27th September 10am till 11.30pm
Wednesday 3rd October 2pm till 3.30pm
Tuesday 16th October 10am till 11.30am
Cost £30 maximum 6 people

For a more personal service try my unique 6-week service which consists of:

1. A first meeting consisting of observation of meal time in your home

2. At the second meeting we will discuss the results of the observation along with advice and a strategy will be put together to help you make changes

3. Offering continuing support for the duration of 6-weeks when your child will be joining in with family meals

The cost of the 6-week programme is £625.00

Call 07729 174208 or email [email protected] to find out about the different ways that I can help you.

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