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Fighting fatigue through diet

Would you like sustained energy and to fight fatigue through diet? Then did you know that by consuming a good source of protein or healthy fats at each meal, along with vegetables means your blood sugar levels dip cause energy lows and sugar cravings.

Fighting fatigue through diet

Here are some things you can do to help balance blood sugar levels and feel wonderful:

  • Always include a protein or healthy fat with every meal you consume good choices are full fat natural yogurt, hummus and chicken
  • Eat three times a day leaving gaps of 4 hours in between meals – this allows insulin to return to the pancreas, allows fat burning to occur and reduces cravings
  • Make sure that you do not skip meals – blood sugar will drop and you will reach for the wrong types of food
  • Don’t eat processed food – it gets absorbed very quickly, producing an unnaturally rapid increase in blood glucose levels
  • Eat food in its most natural state – Nature provides us with plenty of food natural in its natural state think fruits and vegetables when we eat them in their most nature state they are absorbed slowly, producing a gradual increase in blood glucose levels, which our bodies are designed to handle.

fighting fatigue through diet

Just by making this simple change of avoiding drinking caffeine and ensuring that you have a protein or healthy fat with every meal means your energy levels with be greatly improved helping you to feel energised and revitalised all day along with fighting your fatigue through diet.

Jeraldine Curran founder of The Food Nutritionist is a fully qualified nutritionist specialising in digestive health. She works with adults and children with digestive issues including irritable bowel disease (IBD), constipation and diarrhoea. Other services include nutritional workshops, conception and pregnancy, individual consultations, corporate work and wellness retreats.

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