Qualified Nutritional Consultant

My approach

‘Passionate about helping improve your health and wellbeing through food and lifestyle choices’

My approach

Nutritional therapy (NT) is the application of nutrition science to promote good health and peak performance. NT can identify potential nutritional imbalances and how these contribute to specific symptoms. By addressing the nutritional imbalances I find, I can support individuals and families and guide them to improved health. I can then help them to maintain these nutritional improvements.

Over the years I have advised on a broad spectrum of health disorders experienced by a wide range of individuals, across the broadest spectrum of ages – from babies and children to teenagers, young adults, those in middle-age and the elderly. We all need to be working towards ‘healthy ageing’ and are never too young to or old to start looking after our health, after all, ‘prevention is better than cure’. I speak on a range of subjects encompassing healthy eating for individuals with specific health requirements (eg asthma) to general healthy eating for the whole family. The support and advice I provide is backed up by an extensive knowledge of the nutritional aspects of all matters relating to health and wellbeing.

For individuals

Some clients seek to optimise current good health, whilst others seek support to manage and alleviate a diagnosed medical condition. Many are looking to lose weight, increase energy levels or want help with problems like poor sleep or difficult digestion. Wherever you are on the spectrum of health, I discuss and assess your current health goals and challenges and translate these into a picture of how well your body is functioning. I can give you some perspective and identify factors which are out of balance.

For families

Research shows that eating a healthy meal together as a family can boost kids’ grades, lead to healthier eating habits and (believe it or not) help relieve parental stress. I focus on the prevention of illness within the family. Nutrition is a powerful tool and can prevent your child from being itchy, sneezy or wheezy. It can also help to optimise current good health and work alongside diagnosed medical conditions. Whatever your family’s specific needs – from increasing energy to seeking help with niggling problems like poor sleep or difficult digestion – NT can help.

My tools

The tools of my trade are diet plans, lifestyle guidance and, where required, therapeutic use of supplements. Whatever your health goals we will discuss priorities and determine an action plan for you or for you and your family.

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