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Post Sepsis Syndrome and natural tips to help fight it

Post Sepsis Syndrome and natural tips to help fight it

Post Sepsis Syndrome is a severe systemic infection that spreads via the bloodstream and can be life-threatening. Infection symptoms include a fever, rapid heart and breathing rates, and a high blood glucose level in a non-diabetic. In the right environment, any infection can lead to sepsis.

The good news is that there are natural foods and supplements that can help to support your immune system. So, you can help prevent sepsis or fight it faster using natural remedies.

What is Post Sepsis Syndrome?

For years, there has been some medical controversy over the correct definition and criteria of sepsis. However, is can be defined as ‘the presence of pathogens (toxins) in blood and tissues’ or bacteria in the blood. Hospitals can be a common place for contracting Post Sepsis Syndrome especially if basic hand washing is not practised after an examination.

Common symptoms of Post Sepsis Syndrom

While there are three different stages: sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock, for the propose of this blog we’ll discuss the first stage of Post Sepsis Syndrome.

Signs and symptoms include:

  • High temperature or fever
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Painful joints
  • High blood glucose levels without diabetes
  • Hypothermia

Medical symptoms of sepsis include:

  • High white blood cell count
  • Elevated plasma C-reactive protein
  • Low oxygen level
  • Reduction in urination
  • Low blood pressure

Sepsis is mainly associated with infections of the skin, gut, lungs (e.g. pneumonia) and kidney infections.

Natural ways to help
  • Probiotics – these can help to both prevent and reduce a sepsis infection. By supporting the good bacteria in the digestive tract, you can support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and help fight the infection. Supporting the immune system and can go a long way to preventing sepsis. You can also include probiotic foods like kimchi, coconut water, kefir and kombucha.
  • Zinc and selenium – being low in one or both of these minerals means you have a greater risk for infections and can compromise immunity. Therefore, eating zinc rich and selenium rich foods on a daily basis can help support immunity.
  • Propolis – propolis a substance produced by honey bees to fill the gaps in their hives. Studies have shown that propolis is a natural substance that could help in the treatment of septic shock.
  • Eating a diet rich in whole foods that support immunity and good hygiene practises, for example washing hands can also help to protect you and your loved ones.
A final thought

Post Sepsis Syndrome is a very serious health condition that – if suspected – requires immediate medical attention. Natural supplements like probiotics, zinc, selenium and propolis can be very supportive especially alongside conventional treatments.

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