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Avocado Salsa Dip

Snack happy! Delicious Avocado Salsa Dip serve with pecan bread or on flax crackers

Good for…

Tomatoes contain health promoting carotenoids phytonutrients which include beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. Therefore, they provide antioxidant protection and promote optimal health. Avocadoes are a rich source of oleic acid with 59% of their total fat content being monounsaturated fat. They are also a good source of vitamin K which is needed to activate a variety of clotting factors in the blood, as it plays a role in proper blood and bone function. Onions promote blood sugar balance, heart and digestive health. They contain chromium, a mineral component in glucose tolerance factor, a molecule that helps cells respond appropriately to insulin.

What you need:

1 avocado
1 large tomato
1 red onion, chopped
Juice of one lemon

What you do:

Score the tomato and place it in a bowl of boiling water.

Cut the avocado in half and place in a bowl, discarding the stone, add the chopped onion.

Remove the tomatoes from the water, peel the skins off and chop into small pieces and add to the avocado and onions.

Squeeze the juice of the lemon and enjoy on flax crackers or with pecan bread.